Spring Retreat 2014 : The meaning of wisdom and devotion

Phuntsok Chö Ling, Tibetan Buddhist Centre in Rotterdam, organizes one week retreat which will be led by Lama Jigmé.

The topic of this year’s spring retreat is Wisdom and Devotion. With regards to wisdom, there are two levels of truth according to Buddhist teachings: relative and ultimate truth. How do we recognise and develop these?

How can their recognition be beneficial for our daily lives? Ultimate reality is obscured by conceptual thought and our dualistic mind. This gives rise to a relative and distorted perception of reality. With his unique sense of humour and ability to translate Buddhist teachings into a Western frame of thinking, Lama Jigmé will clarify this process and increase our understanding of the matter, enriching our practice. Focussing on others through devotion is also of great benefit for our lives. However, this is easier said than done. Throughout the teachings, Lama Jigmé will elaborate on the many benefits of generating devotion – both for ourselves and others – and he will explain the method of practicing this form of altruism.

The teachings of this retreat are based on Shantideva’s classic “Bodhicaryāvatāra”. In previous retreats Lama Jigmé already discussed the chapters 1 to 8 and will continue with chapter 9 and probably 10. It is not a problem if you did not attend previous retreats, as all chapters have different subjects. Participants are kindly requested to bring a copy of the book, which exists in several translations.

Where: Schiedams Schoolbuitenhuis, Vrachelseheide 155, Oosterhout, The Netherlands

When: from Friday 21 February 4 p.m. to Friday 28 February 4 p.m.

       You can choose from the following options:

  • Weekend (from Friday to Sunday 3 p.m.)
  • Midweek (from Sunday 4 p.m. to Friday)
  • Week (from Friday 4 p.m. to Friday 4 p.m.)


Weekend Midweek Week
non-members 150€ / 130€* 365€ / 325€* 515€ / 455€*
members 125€ / 105€* 300€ / 255€* 425€ / 360€*

         * This fee applies to people with minimum income.

Contact: aanmelden@phuntsokcholing.org (for further information and registration)

Registration is possible until 1st February 2014.

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