“Kalachakra – l’éveil” in Ciné Utopia 28 February

The Centre Culturel Tibétain is happy to announce that it is organizing a special cinema event on Friday, 28 February 2020, in Ciné Utopia.

“Kalachakra – l’éveil”  is a documentary feature film directed by Natalie Fuchs and it was released in September 2017.

Immersed in the colorful and vibrant setting of Dharamsala, India, the woman and 3 other individuals from very different backgrounds come together to face their deepest fears as they approach the transformational power of the Kalachakra initiation. Through this film, we enter and discover an ancient and yet unknown dimension where death meets life, a dimension which changes someone forever.

For more information see here.

Thangka Painting Workshop – 1 March 2020

The Centre Culturel Tibétain is happy to invite you once again to a Thangka painting workshop led by Tharpen Lingtsang, the son of Gega Lama, on 1 March 2020. 

For more information, please visit the page of the event here.

New membership system 2020

Following our General Meeting on 28 Novembre 2019 we have changed the statutes of the CCT.

Please read here the new membership system for 2020, from where you can also download the membership form.

All members from previous years need to fill a new form and pay 50 euros for the annual membership fee until the end of January

Courses – Winter 2020

Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce that the registrations for the upcoming courses starting in January are open.
Please check the information about the courses here.

This winter term, we will be offering group meditation practice throughout the month of January, as Lama Jigme will be abroad this month. Lama will resume teaching in February. 

We welcome everyone to the center for group practice (including study and meditation sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays) on the days he will not be teaching.

Please read her e about our new membership system for 2020. 

For organizational reasons, please register for the courses  by sending us an e-mail at info@tibetculture.lu.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Warm regards,
The CCT Team

Studyweek Netherlands – The Bardos of Life and Death – 21/28 Feb 2020

The Tibetan Buddhist center Phuntsok Chö Ling is organizing a study week from 21 February to 28 February 2010 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The Bardos of Life and Death
Friday 21 – Friday 28 February 2020

Lama Jigmé Namgyal will explain the Bardos of life and dying during a seven day studyweek. Bardo is a Tibetan word that simply means ‘transition’ or ‘intermediate state’. A gap between the completion of one situation and the onset of another. In the Buddhist approach, life and death are seen as one whole, where death is the beginning of another chapter of life. Death is like a mirror in which the entire meaning of life is reflected. This view is central to the most ancient school of Tibetan Buddhism.

The word bardo is commonly used to denote the intermediate state between death and rebirth. In reality, bardos are occurring continuously throughout both life and death. They are seen as unique moments whereby the possibility of liberation or enlightenment is heightened. During this profound studyweek Lama Jigmé will dive into being more aware and accepting of impermanence. This can help in everyday life to deal with loss and setbacks easier and eventually lead to less (or no) fear during the transition to the bardo of death.

For more details about the study week, including prices for attending the weekend, mid-week or the entire study week and the registration procedure please visit the event page on Phuntsok Chö Ling’s website or contact Phuntsok Chö Ling directly by sending an email to events@phuntsokcholing.org

Practical information

Date: Friday 21 until Friday 28 February 2020
Location:  Phuntsok Chö Ling, Oostkousdijk 17b, 3024 CL Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Time: Friday 21 February: 19.30 to 21.30h
            Saturday 22 to Friday 28 February:  10.00 to 17.00h

Language: English with simultaneous translation into Dutch

Other: Daily vegetarian lunch is included

Register here