Temporary closure of the CCT – Classes by webinar only

Dear friends,

Worldwide, we are facing a health crisis due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Recently, the virus has also entered the EU and specifically Luxembourg. Yesterday, the Luxembourg Government took extra measures to contain the virus and prevent its spread. This was the reason for the Board of the CTT to assess the situation and to come up with the relevant mitigation measures.
After two meetings yesterday, we came to the following conclusions:

  • We will close the Tibetan Center with immediate effect until April 19th.
  • The teachings will continue, but classes will only be broadcast by webinar. Another email will be sent to those concerned.
  • All events are postponed until further notice.
  • There will be no formal or informal gatherings at the Tibetan Center.

Why we came to this conclusion?
We must do our best to reduce the spread of the virus and we definitely do not want to be the cause of others’ illness.
Why no gatherings at all?
To avoid the spread of the virus, there is a need to create a very clear situation for everybody without exceptions.
Why until April 19th?
Since the current term ends at the beginning of April, immediately followed by the Easter holidays, we also close the Centre during this time to allow for a positive change to take place.
What does this mean?
There will be no classes or events at the Centre from now until 19/04. Just before this date, we will evaluate the situation again.
What implications will this have?
Students will receive a separate e-mail with more practical information.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused! We care about your health and safety and hope you understand our decision. Let us do everything we can to reduce the spread of infections and have compassion for all those who are sick or dying due to the virus, including their families. We hope this health crisis will be over very soon, and we look forward to seeing each other before long at the Tibetan Center.
Yours sincerely,

Your Board Team,
Ana, Carlota, Pascal and Henco

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