Lecture series by Buddhist nuns Ani Yuang Xun and Ani Yuang Wang

We are happy to announce that Ani Yuan Xun and Ani Yuan Wang, two buddhist nuns from one of the most established Buddhist academies in the world will travel to Luxembourg during their European tour and grant a visit to our Centre Culturel Tibétain on 13 and 14 February.

We invite you to attend two talks in which you will have the special occasion to listen two female teachers of Tibetan Buddhism on the following subjects:

How to Practice Buddhism in Daily Life
(Monday,13 February, 19:30 – 22:00)

Fearlessness: Tips on Turning Fear into Power
(Tuesday, 14 February, 20:00 – 22:00)

We look forward to welcoming you at these teachings.
With best wishes,
The CCT team


Ani Yuan Xun and Ani Yuan Wang are fully ordained nuns at one of the most established and influential Tibetan Buddhist Academies in the world.

In the autumn of 2007, Yuan Xun started her college life at the University of Oregon in the US. After finishing the American English Institute program, she majored in Psychology. In 2010, she started her education in Buddhism and spent one month in the city of Ten Thousand Buddhas. In the spring of 2011, Yuan Xun went back to China and was formally fully ordained as a nun.

In the autumn of 2006 as a junior college student, Yuan Wang became interested in Buddhism. Only one year later she took refuge into the three jewels. After a year of learning the fundamentals in Buddhism, she went to the United states to study for a MBA (accounting) program at the University of Troy. In 2008 she returned to her homeland China and became formally fully ordained as a nun.

Since their ordination, they have been relying on several great masters to learn different kinds of sutras, shastras and tantras. They have extensively studied various Buddhist texts, including the Five Great Treatises. They both are team members of the translation group at their Academy. Now they come to Europe with a wish to share Buddhist Wisdom with everyone and bring more peace into the world.

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