Tibetan meditation – University of Luxembourg

We would like to inform you that Lama Jigme will give the series of teachings and fundamentals in meditation at the University of Luxembourg. This event is organized by Espace Culture that seeks to add a cultural dimension to the main tasks of the University of Luxembourg, namely learning and research.

Discovering inner peace

A series of teachings and fundamentals in meditation

by Lama Jigmé Namgyal

For a general understanding about meditation and how the human mind works

Real meditation has nothing to do with feeling good. Feelings always change. In real meditation one is not disturbed by emotions or feelings, but one can abide in a stable and calm and clear state of mind. This is when meditation brings clarity and leads to recognition of ones true nature which is hidden underneath our continuous flow of thoughts, feelings and emotions, like the sun is hidden behind the clouds. In five sessions Lama Jigmé Namgyal will teach about what real authentic meditation is and what the benefits are. These sessions are open to all, irrespective of religion, background, nationality or experience in meditation.

Subjects: equanimity, Loving-kindness and Compassion. Every session contains a theoretical and practical (guided meditation) part and time for Q&A

  • When: Starting in October
  • Where: Campus Belval

For futher information: espace.culture@uni.lu


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