Membership for the financial year 2021

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Following the newly adopted statutes, the membership system is as follows:

1) Membership fee

The membership fee for the financial year 2021 is set at fifty euro (EUR 50). 

  • Advantages of membership:
  • members of the Association benefit, inter alia, of a 10% discount on the courses and the events organized by the Association (e.g. public talks, dinner-talks, lectures, retreats, etc.); and
  • any other advantages as resolved by the board of directors.

All the members shall be regularly informed of the activities of the Association and are entitled to all its services within the framework of its statutory purpose.” (Art. 15, §3 of the articles of association)

Please transfer your membership fee by 31st of January 2021 to the following account number:

  • Account holder: Centre Culturel Tibétain ASBL
  • Name of bank: POST Luxembourg
  • IBAN: LU79 1111 2413 8246 0000
  • Communication: Membership fee 2021

2) Donator status (optional)

You may also opt for the donator status and, as a result thereof, you will indirectly benefit of further advantages (please tick the box if you wish to get that status):

  • Donator status: EUR 50 as membership fee, increased by:
    • EUR 36 in monthly installment, or
    • EUR 432 in one payment.

(i.e. EUR 482 in total for each financial year)

  • Advantages of the donator status:
  • free entrance to the Meditation courses and Buddhist studies;
  • discount of 25% on the other courses (Tibetan Language) and events (e.g. public talks, dinner-talks, lectures, retreats, etc.); and
  • the right to bring a friend to events with 10% discount.

All the members of Phuntsok Chö Ling Netherlands (PCL) shall, in such capacity, benefit of the donating status.

3) Sustaining member 

By signing this form, you hereby request to become a sustaining member (“membre adhérent”) of the Association (if you wish to apply as active member (“membre actif”), please contact the board of directors by separate letter).

The Association shall be composed of active members (“membres effectifs”) and, where applicable, sustaining members (“membres adhérents”) and honorary members (“membres d’honneur”).


The active members shall be persons particularly interested in the culture and well-being of the Tibetan population and who are willing to share their skills in order to achieve the object and the projects of the Association.

On the one hand, only the active members shall be qualified as partners of the Association who shall, as such, have all the rights and obligations granted to the partners by virtue of the Law, including the voting rights.  On another one, sustaining and honorary members are convened to general meetings, but they do not have the right to vote at general meetings.  Honorary members, whose title is purely honorary, are persons who have rendered services to the Association.” (Art. 12, §1 to 3 of the articles of association)



Finally, by signing this membership form, you hereby accept the articles of association, the resolutions adopted by the board and the general meeting and, when applicable, the internal rules of procedure.

“Being a member of the Association carries implicit acceptance of the Articles, the resolutions adopted by the board of directors and the general meeting of the Association and, if applicable, the internal rules of procedure.” (Art. 14, §3 of the articles of association)

La demande d’adhésion en ligne 2021

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