Prayer Gathering for World Peace – 19-21 Aug 2022

Prayer Gathering for World Peace

From 19 to 21 August 2022, Phuntsok Chö Ling will organize a prayer ceremony, or Mönlam, dedicated to world peace. We have recently been facing times of great conflict and volatility. Many people are dying and going through untold suffering due to the war in Ukraine. This war comes right after the Covid pandemic, which is not over yet and which has caused numerous deaths and tremendous upheaval throughout the world. We will dedicate the merit of the prayer ceremony to those who have died, to those who are ill and to those in anguish, so as to alleviate their pain.

The ceremony is held to commemorate the death anniversary of Lama Jigme’s own teacher, Akyong Siddhi Tulku, who was an extraordinary master and yogin of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and a holder of the treasures of the lineage of Dudjom Lingpa. Lama Jigme especially received the phowa teachings from him; these are precious instructions regarding the transference of consciousness for the moment of death. During this prayer gathering, we will also honour two other great Nyingma masters who have recently passed away, Dodrupchen Rinpoche and the Dudjom Yangsi Sangye Pema Shepa.

Gathering to pray and to practise together with a single-minded intention is a cause of great spiritual merit, both for those directly present and for those who participate from afar. Everyone is wholeheartedly invited to join. Whatever our individual cultures, religions or beliefs might be, praying for peace is something that can unite us all in a spirit of compassion and kindness.

You can participate by joining us directly for this unique prayer gathering and/or by making a donation for specific persons (e.g. family members, loved ones, friends) who have passed away or who are facing painful circumstances. Even those who have passed away long ago can still benefit from the merit which we dedicate to them and the positive connection which we thereby establish. By sharing in this aspiration for peace, we can sow the seeds of inner and outer peace in our own and others’ minds.

Practical Information

Registration: There will be a limited amount of seats available. Until 6 June PCL and CCT members and friends will have priority in registration
Location: The event can only be attended live in the PCL temple and not online.
Dates and time:
Friday 19/8/2022 12:30 – 18:00,
Saturday 20/8/2022 08:30 – 13:30,
Sunday 21/8/2022 08:30 – 13:30

Register directly here:

Courses Spring 2022

We are pleased to announce that the registrations for the upcoming courses starting in January are open.

The centre has reopened for classes on Sundays.

Monday and Wednesday courses will be conducted online but with the possibility of being held at the Centre if the participants show interest.

Spring term 2022

Beginning the path of meditation (beginner class)Lama JigméSundays: 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm
starting 1 May
Principles of ethical conduct: How to lead a life of goodnessLama JigméWednesdays: 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm
starting 18 April
The Twelve Links of Interdependent OriginationLama JigméMondays: 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm
starting 20 April

Please register online here
We will send you a zoom link to the course(s) for which you registered upon receipt of your transfer.

DROKPA འབྲོག་པ། – A Tribute to the Last of the Tibetan Nomads – Ciné Utopia 22 April

The Centre Culturel Tibétain is happy to announce that it is organizing a special cinema event on Friday, 22 April 2022, in Ciné Utopia.

Drokpa  is a documentary film directed by Yan Chun Su.
Drokpa premiered at the Margaret Mead Film Festival at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC in October 2016 and it received the EDA Award for Best Female-Directed Feature film at the 2017 DOXA Documentary Film Festival.

Set in the high plateau of eastern Tibet, Drokpa is an intimate portrait of an extended nomadic family whose life is on the cusp of irreversible change.

For more information see here.

Friday 22 April 2022

Venue:  Ciné Utopia – 16, Avenue de la Faïencerie,
L-1510 Luxembourg, Salle 5
Time:    19h15 – 21h00 (doors open at 18h45)
Price:   10 € (cash)
Language:  Tibetan with English subtitles

No registration needed. Tickets can be bought only at the venue itself and we accept only payments in cash.

Part of the profit will go to Golog Support Luxembourg

(Sunday class) Beginning the path of meditation: 27 March – No sanitary restrictions

As the sanitary measures have been lifted in Luxembourg, the Centre is now open for the Sunday course, without restrictions.

There is no need to register for a place and you are all welcome to attend in person.

Contact for any questions

Losar 2022 – Year of the Water Tiger

The Centre Culturel Tibétain wishes you a happy Losar, the Tibetan New Year! 

Lama Jigmé sends the following message:

Tashi delek!
To all my connections, students and anyone who sees this message I wish you a happy new year. I wish you all the best. And this is not just a wish. Tashi is Tibetan. It is an extremely meaningful word. It means for everything to be peaceful; a peaceful world, a peaceful society, a peaceful family, peaceful work and collogues. And wherever you go, to go  peaceful and be well with a calm and happy mind and a good mood. This is like root power. For your mind to be more lovely, a more loving and kind attitude, so that everywhere you go you’ll accept and enjoy every moment. It is about being peaceful and aware. This is what it means to have a healthy mind. And this way “happy new year” is connected to a happy and well mind. Your family and friends will be happy and wherever you go and whatever you do, no matter what, your mind is always very well and you will manage any challenge. You will be able to easily deal with anything because your mind is extremely calm, powerful and peaceful. Love and compassion, to understand impermanence, all of this is power. You see, “Don’t worry be happy, tomorrow another day.” There are many ways to get a peaceful mind. And with that peaceful mind connect to society, you see, “happy new year” is about this. I wish this all to you. I hope you understand this all. I hope you can integrate your mind training this way. I wish that this Tibetan new year you will contemplate on this in your daily life and share this to benefit others wherever you go.

Tashi delek!
Lama Jigmé Namgyal

Artwork: Tomás Castro