Weekend teaching 2021 – Finding inner peace in difficult times

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    Weekend teaching - Finding Inner Peace in Difficult Times

    The current pandemic has created a lot of suffering and uncertainty in people’s lives. While some of these issues are clearly beyond our control, learning how to deal with such uncertainty is critical to our own mental health and well-being. Through meditation it is possible to discover inner peace and thus to learn to handle such difficult situations more calmly, rather than reacting with fear and panic.

    When our mind becomes more peaceful and serene, this also has positive repercussions on our bodily health. We thus become more attuned to the need to take care of our body, for example by sleeping properly and eating a healthy diet. When we are well rested rather than exhausted due to anxiety and worry, we are less vulnerable. The process of finding inner peace involves regaining control over our own mind, so that we are not swayed by the power of negative emotions. Such negative emotions are like an inner virus in that they destroy our sense of well-being. Cultivating inner peace and gaining greater control over our mind has many practical advantages, since it enables us to face the problems in our daily lives – whether they be linked to our family or work-related – in a more efficient, clear-sighted and balanced manner.

    This weekend teaching is open to everyone who would like to discover the benefits of finding inner peace in these challenging times.

    Saturday, 19 June: 10:00-13:00
    Sunday, 20 June: 10:00-13:00

    Lama Jigme will be teaching in his mother language Tibetan, with translation into English by Dr. Dylan Esler

    Non-members: 50 €/weekend
    Sustaining members of CCT: 45 €/weekend
    Donating members of CCT and PCL: 37.5€/weekend
    Students, unemployed, retired: 25 €/weekend

    In Tibetan Buddhism, students traditionally make a donation to their teachers for special teachings. Such donations can be done directly to the Phuntsok Namgyal Ling Foundation, as it will be a contribution to Lama Jigmé’s project to buy a piece of land where practitioners can do serious retreats and studies.