Foundational practices of spiritual transformation (Module B): The uncommon preliminaries, Part I

April 23, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Centre Culturel Tibétain
1 Rue Charlotte Engels
1482 Luxembourg

The purpose of the spiritual path is, in the Buddhist sense, to help uncover the true nature of our mind. This true nature, while adventitiously obscured by the continual stream of thoughts and emotions that makes up our everyday consciousness, remains totally untouched by these thoughts and emotions – ever pure, brilliant and limpid.
The Tibetan tradition has handed down a series of powerful practices of inner transformation that purify the superficial afflictions plaguing our mind, that enhance our spiritual progress and that reveal the precious qualities of our own mind. These practices are called the uncommon preliminaries: they are preliminaries in that they provide the foundation for our spiritual development, and they are uncommon in that they facilitate the recognition of our mind’s true nature.

Part I of this course explores the following practices: Refuge, Bodhicitta, Maṇḍala Offering and Vajrasattva Purification.
Part II will deal with Guruyoga, Transference (Phowa) and Chöd.
(For more information on these subjects please click here).

Book to be used in class: Patrul Rinpoche, Words of my Perfect Teacher

The course is intended for advanced students who are seriously interested in the subject and who are committed to attending the courses, as the classes build upon each other.

Teacher: Lama Jigmé Namgyal

Dates: Mondays from 7.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

April: 23, 30
May: 7, 14, 28
June: 4, 18, 25
July: 2, 9

(Due to the travel agenda of Lama Jigmé changes in dates might occur during the course).

Place: 1, rue Charlotte Engels L-1482 Luxembourg

Language: English (occasionally translated from Tibetan into English by Dylan Esler)

Price: €150 (€135 for regular members, €75 for students/unemployed/retired, free participation for donating members). The price includes all sessions on the above indicated dates. Fees shouldn’t be an obstacle. Please contact us if there is a problem.

Please pay by bank transfer to the Centre’s account:

IBAN: LU79 1111 2413 8246 0000 / BIC: CCPLLULL,
Centre Culturel Tibétain, Asbl
Reference: Monday Course, Spring 2018

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