Chöd Studyweek – 14 to 21 October – Rotterdam (PCL)

Deep teachings on Dudjom Lingpa’s Chöd

During 8 days Lama Jigmé will be teaching about the practice of Chöd. Chöd is a Tibetan word that literally translates into ‘cutting through’. It is practiced as a skillful means to cut through obstacles like our own disruptive emotions, also referred to as inner enemies. These 8 days will allow you to gain self-experience and in thorough understanding of the teachings.

Lama Jigmé teaches from a very short and unbroken, authentic lineage. These teachings encompass the essence of the Mahayana and Sutrayana teachings and can give the practitioner direct insight and experience of the understanding of both the relative and ultimate truth as explained in the Buddha’s Heart Sutra (Prajnaparamita) which states that Form is emptiness. Emptiness is form. Form is not other than emptiness and emptiness is not other than form.

The study week can be followed by anyone who has sufficient knowledge of the basic principles of Buddhism. Because Chöd is a very profound and powerful practice, it is therefore not suitable for people with mental challenges or people who are emotionally unstable. Please act responsible. When in doubt, please contact us.

Practical information

Location: Phuntsok Chö Ling, Oostkousdijk 17B, 3024 CL Rotterdam, Netherlands
Date: Friday 14 to Friday 21 October 2022
Times: Friday, October 14: 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM; Saturday 15 to Friday 21 October: 09.30 a.m. – 1 p.m.


  • Only the full 8 days*
  • If this is one of your first classes with Lama Jigmé, please indicate your prior knowledge and background in Buddhism when you register.

* If this is really not possible, please state the reason when you register so that this can be discussed with Lama Jigmé well in advance.

Language: English with possible simultaneous translation into Dutch, please contact the organization before applying if you are dependent on the translation.

Lunch: no lunch is included, but coffee, tea and snacks are included.
Prices: discounts are possible, see the options when registering.

In Tibetan Buddhism it is tradition that students make an additional donation to their teachers for special teachings. For example, such donations can be made directly to the Phuntsok Namgyal Ling Foundation. With this you contribute to Lama Jigmé’s project to buy a piece of land where practitioners can do serious retreats and studies.

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