• Saga Dawa – May 31 to June 29

    Personal message from Lama Jigmé Tashi delek!I wish you all a happy Saga Dawa and I really wish that you all will apply the ten virtuous actions (I hope you remember what they are!) and the ethics that we have been studying for many years in the Wednesday class as much as you can in […]

  • Prayer Gathering for World Peace – 19-21 Aug 2022

    Prayer Gathering for World Peace From 19 to 21 August 2022, Phuntsok Chö Ling will organize a prayer ceremony, or Mönlam, dedicated to world peace. We have recently been facing times of great conflict and volatility. Many people are dying and going through untold suffering due to the war in Ukraine. This war comes right […]

  • Courses Spring 2022

    We are pleased to announce that the registrations for the upcoming courses starting in January are open. The centre has reopened for classes on Sundays. Monday and Wednesday courses will be conducted online but with the possibility of being held at the Centre if the participants show interest. Spring term 2022 Course Teacher When Beginning […]

  • Membership 2022

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  • Phuntsok Chö Ling program

    Below you can find the program of the Tibetan Buddhist Center Phuntsok Chö Ling, in case you want to follow Lama Jigmé’s teachings online or at the Temple in the Netherlands. Program Below are all upcoming events. Click here for the link to the full calendar. 19 to 21 AUG 2022 Prayer Gathering for World Peace Monlam to commemorate […]